3.1 - Practice and Research About

Pre-History 3

Landscape, Place and Environment; Assignment 1 – Beauty and the Sublime

At the end of any journey (including the return leg) lies a destination. Taking photographs is one way of making sense of where you find yourself when you get there, even if you only do so by making comparisons with the place you have just left.

fig.1: Orcadian Photographs (2013-2019), 2022
fig.2: Sea Stacks (2020)
fig.3: Towering Cliffs (2020)
fig.4: Fearsome Symmetry (2020)
fig.5: Livestock (2020)
fig.6: Sites of Ritual Significance (2020)
fig.7: Effects of the Light (2020)
fig.8: Shelter from Lowering Skies (2020)