3.1 - Practice and Research one

ex.1.1 – make a glossary

‘Establish a glossary to define the terms that are most helpful in understanding your practice and research. Identify words that describe your practice or that you come across through your research.’

– PAR Coursebook, p.19

This will be an ongoing piece of work, so I have set up a container for my new glossary over on Spaces (and added a link to it to the main menu at the top of this log, which of course will only work if you have access to the OCA’s OLE). There are a couple of reasons for doing it like this: first, I didn’t want incomplete stubs to clog up this time-based stream of posts – at the moment there is only a small number of entries, some of which only exist as prompts for further writing when I’ve time – and also, because I wanted it to be organised alphabetically instead of having the individual posts that will make it up sorted according to their posted date.

I could have done that here, of course, by setting up a specific page which only displays posts from a ‘glossary’ category and is accessed via a menu item; it also turns out that, by with a bit of further customisation of how the home-page behaves, I could also exclude any glossary posts – both stubs and completed entries – from the main flow of the blog. However, I’ll stick to working this way for now – my current priority is to start writing glossary entries – I can always play about with the structure later…