3.1 - Practice and Research About

Pre-history 1

This Guy… (The Failed Minimalist)

This first selection of four pictures illustrates something I would like to develop further as I start this third stage of the OCA degree. The second half of DIC allowed me to examine some of  the mass of stuff that had moved house with me a year or so earlier and which hadn’t found a home yet.

fig.1 – this guy expands to fit all available space (expanded)
fig.2 – this guy doesn’t know when to stop
fig.3 – this guy can be read like a book
fig.4 – this guy fails to keep things in perspective

The title for the final assignment’s set of twelve images came from a remark made by fellow-student Nuala Mahon, at Forum Live: ‘You look at all this stuff and you wonder, “Who is this guy?”’

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